Things You Must Do Here in Galveston, Texas

Top Things To Do in

Galveston, Texas

Galveston, Texas is known as an attractive beach town, with historic architecture, beautiful shores, and quality local restaurants. If you are traveling to Galveston for the first time, here are the top 12 activities recommended to ensure your stay is as fun and memorable as can be.

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Top 12 Activities To Do in Galveston, Texas

Captain Robert J. Hughes bears the name of our storied residence and the honor of claiming the first chapter of The 1874. Born in 1836 in Canada, Hughes came to Galveston with his parents in 1847.

Prior to moving into The 1874, Captain Hughes commanded a light battery of the Galveston Artillery Company during the Civil War, including service in the Battle of Galveston. After the war, he married Eliza Ellen Groce, daughter of famous early Texan settler, Colonel Leonard Waller Groce. In 1871 and 1874, the Hughes welcomed their two children, Ellen Letitia and R.J. Hughes Jr, into the family.

Nature Trip in Moody Gardens

The first one on the list is Moody Gardens. This place is known for its thrilling vibe. You can experience the earth's rainforests, enjoy their Aquarium Pyramid, and explore new worlds with the help of their 3D and 4D Special Effects Theater!

Have Fun at Pleasure Pier

This is a place where the carnival meets the ocean! Pleasure Pier has numerous rides that you can enjoy! Their rides can be classified as Kiddie, Family, and Extreme! There are also shops that offer local food and other items, all made in Texas!

Astronomy Lessons in NASA Space Center

Release the inner astronaut within you! Prepare to board a rocket ship and get ready to be launched into a stellar sea of discovery. You can witness firsthand the legacies of known astronauts and their space travel stories.

Land and Sea Trip with Galveston Duck Tours

Cruise through land and sea with Galveston Duck Tours! Enjoy the Galveston streets, then float around the sea afterward with their duck-bus boat. This is a good and relaxing experience if you want to chill while taking in the breathtaking views that Galveston offers.

Learn History at the Naval Museum

If you’re into history, this is the place for you! At Galveston's Naval Museum, you can dive into the history of 2 ships, the USS CAVALLA and the USS STEWART. Learn the stories of individuals who fought for their own country and look at artifacts used by soldiers, like weapons, uniforms, and safety equipment.

Board the Galveston – Port Bolivar Ferry

Prepare to ride the waves with Port Bolivar Ferry! This experience allows you to enjoy the Galveston and Bolivar Peninsula views. The trip is about 2.7 miles and takes around 18-20 minutes.

Rent Bikes From the Local Shops

If you're too tired to walk or want to enjoy the fresh air around the Galveston beach shores, you can actually rent bikes from local shops! This is a great way to explore the beautiful landscape of Galveston and learn more about the city.

Explore Historical Homes of Galveston

Galveston is known for its historic homes. Prepare to step inside majestic, old homes like the Bishop Place, also called the Gresham House.
You can also visit the 1859 Ashton Villa. This villa is a 3 story house and one of the first buildings in Texas. The 1859 Ashton Villa can also be rented for private events like wedding ceremonies.

Embrace Nature in Galveston Island State Park

If you love the outdoors, be sure to visit the Galveston Island State Park. It's a place perfect for nature lovers or someone who just wants some time away from the bustle of daily life.
The park has a beach and bay side that are perfect for outdoor activities like swimming, fishing, bird spotting, picnics, hiking, and biking.

Galveston County Historical Museum

Get your notebooks ready because the Galveston County Historical Museum has a lot to tell about the history of the city. From its indigenous culture, maritime exploration, and evolution of the city itself, you will come to appreciate the city even more. The Galveston County Museum has around 20,000 artifacts and archives from the past, with the majority of artifacts donated by former and current residents of Galveston. The museum houses a collection of photographs from the past, as well as tools used by the famous artist Jesus Murillo.

Galveston Arts Center

If you're an artistic person, this is the perfect spot to visit. The Galveston Arts Center is a creative place with classic arts, as well as contemporary and innovative masterpieces. This place offers diverse art selections created by local Galveston artists.
The art center’s main mission is to promote and support visual art created by local artists through exhibitions, along with educational programming offered by their friendly staff.

Go Surfing

Beginner or pro, it doesn't matter. Galveston’s beaches provide beautiful oceans perfect for surfing. Several shops like Valz Surf Lessons, Ohana Surf and Skate, and Southern Spears Surf Shop even offer surfing lessons and provide the gear you need.

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